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Some are actually incorporated into an overall hospital budget, whereas others are completely independent and almost entirely run by volunteers, or private donors as in India. Thirdly, will doctors prescribe donated breast milk for their patients? Secondly, will parents accept donated breast milk for their baby? However, continuing the process of screening and pasteurization is essential in order to maintain this record. Lucas and Cole found that NEC was times more likely to develop in exclusively formula fed infants than in those fed only breast milk, and that NEC was 3 times more likely when formula-only fed infants were compared to those receiving both breast milk and formula.

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History Donation of breast milk from one woman to an unrelated infant has a long history. See tutorials narrated by David here: Auto Page helps you avoid overset frames by letting them auto-grow or auto-thread to new pages. Pooling is usually from 4 to 6 donors and is thought to be beneficial because it averages out the immunological and nutrient content of the milk. A system of "triple protection" is applied:

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You can even embed scripts in a document for template automation. Blatner Tools also comes with our choice of great third-party scripts, written by some of the best script developers in the industry. Therefore, the possible risks must be weighed against the proven benefits of breast milk in each case. Unless the milk being stored is for a mother's own infant, banked milk is then pooled; a bacterial check is done again here to ensure the pooling process does not lead to contamination.

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The numbers are kept low so that any contamination can theoretically be traced back to its source. However, most centers make no payment as it is thought by not paying the donor that you will attract the "right type of donors for the right reasons". The guidelines for North American milk banks which are followed fairly closely by most other countries would appear to deal with the concern of disease transmission. A review of the literature has demonstrated no reason for them not to. Place a script in a menu for easy access? As with HIV, viral shedding peaks during seroconversion, so breastfeeding is not recommended at this time, even though transmission usually does not cause symptomatic disease.

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